Course borders

The borders of our course are distinguished by fences or white posts. The entire practice area is mentioned as „out", just as the parking area and the driveway to and around the clubhouse (here all asphalted paths mark the borderline).


Water hazard

The bridge that leads from hole 5 to 6 is an element of the water hazard. At hole 15, it would be allowed to play an extemporary ball, if the first ball landed in the borders of the water hazard and was thought to be playable. The river Enns at the holes 8/11/12/13 and the ponds at the holes 5/6/8/9/14/15/16/17/18 are also considered as a water hazard.

Yellow posts: frontal water hazard

Red posts: side water hazard


Barriers and distance markers 


Sprinkler, control boxes, paths (and their borders), course facilities are unmovable barriers. The picket fence at hole 8 and 14, and also the stones at the green bunker at hole 12 are unmovable barriers as well. At the same time, those limitations mark the water hazard boarder. Furthermore, you are allowed to remove stones from the bunker if the ball's position stays the same. 


Distance markers:

All Course Rating Markers are measured to the middle of the green.

The distance markers on the fairways are measured to the beginning of the green, as well as the distance markers beside the fairways (100 m, 150 m and 200 m).

Moreover, the flag position is also characterized through their colors: white: back, yellow: center, red: front 


At holes 16/ 17 and 18 there are biotopes. They are classified as side water hazards. Those biotopes are marked by green and red posts and without exceptions it is not allowed to set foot in them.



At all trees which are supported by a post a free drop is allowed. 

Flower fields, bark mulch fields and hedges 

free drop 

Power pole and power line

If your ball hits a power pole, you are not allowed to repeat your shot. If your ball hits a power line, you must repeat your shot but you won't get a penalty stroke. 

Pin positions 

The flag position on each green is shown with a different color.

Red flags: beginning of the green

Yellow flags: middle of the green

White flags: end of the green



Rangefinders are only allowed to measure the distance, nothing else.